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Holder's Happenings Feb. 2013 Vol.IV


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Every week, I tell you about jobs in London and this week is no different. Sometimes, however, people may want to broaden their job search to include other parts of the country. A number of Londoners have asked me about job prospects outside of Ontario. It reminded me of my Dad sharing his family’s story. During the Depression his father, without local job prospects, left his family back in Holderville, New Brunswick while he went to Alberta and worked several years. He would send money back to take care of his family. Eventually my father moved his own family to Upper Canada for better job prospects. Recently, it has been in the news that Western Canada is hiring more aggressively than the rest of Canada. The four Western provinces have the lowest unemployment rates than anywhere else in the country, with the lowest being Saskatchewan at 4%. Alberta has the highest average weekly earnings in the country, at $1,085. In light of this, I thought I would let you know about some resources for finding employment out West.

To look for jobs in Western Canada, a good place to start is the website “Working in Canada.” This is a Federal Government website that has over 56,000 job postings from around the country, many in Western Canada. You can search for postings by job type or by region, or you can search for jobs that match your skill set. You can also browse the website to learn about current trends in the job market or to find advice on applying for jobs. For job postings specifically for Western Canada, there is the website “WorkWest.” You can search for postings by region, by job type, or even by what salary and benefits are offered. If you want to look for jobs in a specific industry, there are resources for that too. For jobs in the oil industry, you can go to “oilcareers.com” and search for jobs in Canada, most of which are in Alberta or Saskatchewan. Or, if you are interested in working in the agriculture industry, you can look at “AGCareers.com.” If you’re interested in taking advantage of the strong economy in Western Canada, these resources should help you start your job search.

Remember that if you do move to another city to find a job, there is a lot to think about. Living costs and tax rates vary from province to province, and it is important to keep this in mind when looking at what a job pays. It is also important to consider the cost of moving – remember that if you move more than 40 kilometres closer to your place of work, you can deduct your moving expenses from your federal income tax. If you do decide to move to Western Canada, most provincial governments have resources that can help you get settled in your new province. If you find a job in Alberta, for example, the website “AlbertaCanada.com” can help you learn about finding housing, putting your kids in school, or getting healthcare in Alberta. The Government of Saskatchewan has set up a similar website, called “Saskatchewan Immigration” that has useful information for anyone thinking of relocating there.

If you are one of those interested in looking for work in Western Canada, I hope you find this helpful. If you are looking for a job in London, please keep reading to learn about job postings in London.

For Job Seekers – Please contribute to the list of employment links at www.edholdermp.ca/joblinks by passing along job links to help all those seeking employment. If you are an employer looking for staff in London, please advise me. If you know of any firms who are hiring, just let me know. My list of employment links continues to grow, so please accept my thanks. This week McLean Scale is looking for a Service Technician. To apply email: info@mcleanscale.com . Cando Corporate Service is looking for Conductors and Locomotive Engineers. To apply email: employment@candoltd.com . La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries is seeking a Payroll Clerk. To apply email: janet@lfglondon.com

Last Issue We Asked You... - “Will you be filing your taxes electronically this year?” 77% said YES, 21% said NO and 1% were Unsure. (541 votes).

This Week’s Question... – in light of the jobs focus in my lead article, some folks either have or are considering temporary or permanent employment outside of London, so this week I am asking: “Would you consider re-locating outside of London if it meant steady employment?” Please visit www.edholdermp.ca/poll to vote.

Meetings & Delegations
•Dealt with a number of issues through my constituency office and Ottawa, including: Bill C-54 Mental Illness Sentencing, Bill C-400 (National Housing Strategy), Language Rights, Middle-East Conflict, Income tax Forms, CETA, Religious Freedom Office, EI Claimant Investigations, Foreign Aid;
•Participated in the Standing Committee on Transport and Infrastructure where we are studying Bill C-52, An Act to amend the Canada Transportation Act and heard from the Forest Products Association of Canada, the Grain Growers of Canada, the Coalition of Rail Shippers, Pulse Canada and the Western Canadian Shippers Coalition;
•Participated in the Standing Committee on International Trade where we are studying the Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) with India and heard testimony from the Starling Corporation, the Indus Entrepreneurs and the Canadian Livestock Genetics Association;
•Joined in regular weekly regional and national Caucus meetings on Parliament Hill;
•Hosted a roundtable discussion at YOU’s (Youth Opportunities Unlimited) boardroom in London with Parliamentary Secretary and MP Kellie Leitch where we discussed the issue of youth employment. We had a strong cross-section of people focused on youth employment PHOTO;
•Met with Nicholas Gazzard and David Granovsky who are in Ottawa representing the Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada and advocating on behalf of the Native Inter-Tribal Housing Co-operative in London;
•Took part in the Canada-Ireland Parliamentary Association Annual General Meeting;
•Attended the Premier of the Canadian film Stories We Tell, directed by Sarah Polley and hosted by Phil Lind of Rogers Communications as part of their support of independent film production;
•Met with Scouts Canada members and Londoner Alex Killby, as well as Nhattan Nguyen, Cody Dixon and Heather Eskritt; this was followed by a reception held by Scouts Canada on the Hill where I also saw Scouter Jane Johnston;
•Met with major local employer General Dynamics Land Systems - Canada Vice President Ken Yamashita;
•Attended a reception in honour of His Excellency Dimitris Avramopoulos, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Hellenic Republic;
•Participated in a reception held by the Association of Canadian Port Authorities;
•Met with representatives of Canada’s agricultural community at the Canadian Federation of Agriculture reception in Ottawa;
•Participated in a London Radio 980 program hosted by Christian Bullas of The Savvy Senior with Canada Revenue Agency Minister Gail Shea;

Hire a Veteran - Each year, between 4,000 and 5,000 Canadian Armed Forces members leave the military at an average age of 37. By working with private and public sector organizations, the Federal Government is seeking to enhance opportunities for transitioning veterans to join the civilian workforce. A Canadian Forces veteran is an asset to any business. They’ll lead by example. Veterans are world-class leaders. They manage well and secure results with the highest level of integrity. Veterans work in teams and perform well under pressure. They are technologically and globally minded and display diversity in action by working with people of all backgrounds. Please email my office if are looking to hire staff in the future and have an interest in supporting our veterans` transition to civilian life through the Hire a Veteran program at ed.holder.a1@parl.gc.ca




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