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Holder's Happenings January 2013 Vol.II


Holder’s Happenings


It’s almost tax time once again. So, this week I thought I would point out some of the tax relief measures introduced by the Federal Government since 2006. I believe it is important for you to know what reductions and deductions there are so that you keep more of your money in your pocket.

•The Family Caregiver Tax Credit – Is a 15 per cent non-refundable tax credit on an amount of $2,000 that provides tax relief to caregivers of infirm dependant relatives. This includes, for the first time, infirm spouses, common-law partners, and minor children with a physical or mental impairment. Canadians can claim this new, non-refundable tax credit for the first time when filing their 2012 taxes.

•The Medical Expense Tax Credit – In order to fully recognize the medical and disability-related costs incurred by caregivers, the government has removed the $10,000 limit on the amount of eligible expenses a caregiver can claim in respect of financially dependent relatives.

•The First-Time Home Buyers’ Tax Credit – Assists certain home buyers, including first-time buyers, with the costs associated with the purchase of a home, such as legal fees. More than 550,000 Canadians have taken advantage of the Home Buyers’ Tax Credit.

•The Children's Fitness Tax Credit – Canadian families can claim a 15 per cent non-refundable tax credit on an amount up to $500 for the cost of registering a child in eligible physical activity programs, such as soccer or hockey teams. For the 2011 tax year, over 1.5 million families took advantage of the Children’s Fitness Tax Credit.

•The Children's Arts Tax Credit – Canadian families can claim a 15 per cent non-refundable tax credit on an amount up to $500 for the cost of registering a child in eligible artistic, cultural, or other programs, such as music lessons or tutoring. Over 460,000 families claimed the Children’s Arts Tax Credit in the 2011 tax year.

•The Hiring Credit for Small Business – The Hiring Credit for Small Business– Small businesses that meet certain criteria and paid more in Employment Insurance premiums in 2012 over 2011are eligible for the credit, which puts up to $1,000 back into the accounts of job creators. As of September 30, 2012, over $200 million has been credited to over 500,000 eligible employers.

•The Apprenticeship Job Creation Tax Credit – Provides employers with a tax credit of up to 10 per cent of the eligible wages payable to eligible apprentices. The maximum credit an employer can claim is $2,000 per year for each eligible apprentice. For the 2011 tax year, more than 10,000 employers across Canada used the apprenticeship tax credit.

•The Tradesperson's Tool D eduction – Allows trades people to deduct from their income part of the cost of tools purchased throughout the year.

•The Textbook Tax Credit – In order to better recognize the cost of textbooks, this credit provides increased tax relief to students in addition to the Tuition and Education Tax Credits. Students must first claim their credit on their own returns, but may be able to transfer unused amounts to a parent, grandparent, spouse or common-law partner.

•The Universal Child Care Benefit (UCCB) – Gives families with young children more choice in child care by providing $100 per month for each child under age six. Canadians received almost $2.7 billion in UCCB payments 2011.

•The Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA) – Allows all Canadians to earn tax-free income through a range of investment products. TFSAs have become increasingly popular, with approximately 8.2 million Canadians having opened an account and roughly 2.5 million Canadians contributing the maximum in 2011. Starting on January 1, 2013, Canadians will be able to contribute $5,500 to their TFSAs annually. Banks, Credit Unions and Professional Financial Advisors have a wealth of information you can use to maximize the TFSA’s to your advantage.

•The Registered D isability Savings Plan –A long-term savings plan to help Canadians with disabilities and their families save for the future. Since being introduced in 2008, over 60,000 plans have been opened.

•The Canada Employment Credit (CEC) – A 15 per cent non-refundable tax credit on an amount of $1,095 in employment income, the CEC was introduced to recognize employees’ work expenses for items such as home computers, uniforms and supplies.

•The Public Transit Tax Credit – Allows Canadians to claim the full amount they spend on eligible transit passes for the year. In 2011, more than 1.6 million Canadians claimed this credit.

•The Volunteer Firefighters' Tax Credit – Available to any volunteer firefighter who serves at least 200 hours per year at one or more fire departments in their community. In 2011, more than 37,000 Canadian volunteer firefighters took advantage of this new tax credit.

For Job Seekers – Please contribute to the list of employment links at www.edholdermp.ca/joblinks by passing along job links to help all those seeking employment. Are you an employer looking for staff in London? Please also advise me if you know of any firms who are hiring. My list of employment links has grown substantially thanks to you. This week Nokee Kwe Career Directions Program is currently recruiting for an Employment Resource Centre Specialist. This will be a one year contract position starting in January. Posting closes January 25th, 2013. Please reply in writing to deb@nokeekwe.ca. Also, London Machinery Incorporated is looking to fill two positions. To apply for either the Assembler Welder or Electrical Design Engineer positions please email jobs@lmi.ca and please specify which position you are applying for in the email subject line. The Lawson Health Research Institute is one of Canada’s largest and most respected hospital-based research institutes. Lawson is seeking a Cyclotron Operator for its Cyclotron & Radiochemistry Facility. Please visit https://www.sjhc.london.on.ca/SSL/ats/viewPosting.php?posting=31521 for more information and to apply for this position. SYKES Assistance Services Corporation is looking to hire Registered Nurses in London. For more information please visit: www.sykesassistance.com

Last Issue We Asked You... - “Do you feel positive about your personal economic future in 2013?” 52% said YES, 35% said NO and 14% were Unsure. (465 votes).

This Week’s Question... –Many native groups are blockading roads, rail lines and protesting federal government initiatives on First Nations issues. So this week I am asking: “Do you support the “Idle No More” movement?” Please visit www.edholdermp.ca/poll to vote.

Meetings & Delegations

· Dealt with a number of issues through my constituency office and Ottawa, including: Gun Control, Immigration, Middle-East conflicts, Bill C-380 Ban Shark Finning, Temporary Foreign Workers, Ashley Smith, Immigration, Passport Office Staffing;

· Led Networking session for Western students held at Ivey Business School;

· Met Nancy Sutherland, Executive Director of Sunshine Dreams for Kids in my capacity as a member of the National Board;

· Attended nomination meeting of London-Fanshawe provincial riding where George Robson was selected as the PC candidate;

· Was represented at a citizenship ceremony in London where we welcomed 58 new Canadians from 27 countries;

· Congratulated Harvey Schilke at his formal retirement reception as President of Protek Systems;

· Lunched with Carol Stinson of Western, along with Bogdan Pascalau, recipient of the annual scholarship awarded in memory of my son, Bruno; Bogdan is an impressive young man with a great future;

· Participated in an announcement with MPs Joe Preston and Susan Truppe at a General Dynamics Land Systems-Canada luncheon to honour many of their long-time suppliers;

· Met with Brian Meehan, Executive Director of Museum London;

· Attended funeral mass of Betty Doidge, wife of fellow Rotarian, the Venerable Jack Doidge;

· Spoke with Cheryl Harper's Civic Class at Banting Secondary;

· Met with Heather Broadhead, one of the leaders of this year's Great Lakes International Air Show;

· Went to the Rotary Club of London's weekly meeting, highlighted by a huge announcement to support local community projects in honour of the Club's upcoming 100th anniversary;

· Travelled to Washington DC to meet Members of the House and Senate and discussed key bilateral issues;

· Welcomed Sean Pierce as my new Parliamentary Intern in Ottawa; the Internship Program brings together many of the brightest young minds to Ottawa to work with MPs from all Parties. Welcome Sean!

Chief’s Medallion - On December 14th I was extremely honoured to be presented with the “Chief’s Coin” or “Chief’s Medallion” as it is known in military circles from London Chief of Police Brad Duncan. A Commander’s Coin, or Challenge Coin, is a small coin or medallion bearing an organization’s insignia or emblem and carried by the organization’s members. A time-honoured military tradition, Commander’s Coins have been given to prove membership when challenged and to enhance morale. More recently, they have been adopted by police, fire, and other organizations and are presented to members in recognition of exceptional service or achievement. They are also exchanged in recognition of visits to an organization. The coins are presented to members and friends of the London Police Service who have demonstrated continued commitment above and beyond what would be expected of them as an employee or friend of the Service. PHOTO

Events Listing – Please submit your upcoming event! The events listing page at http://www.edholdermp.ca/events is always changing. Most events are family-friendly and free. If you want your event listed, please follow the submission process at www.edholdermp.ca/events/submit.




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